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Twitter as a news source

Over there at TechCrunch, people discuss whether Twitter is a news source. I think it’s easier than you might think it is.

  1. Twitter is a close-to-real time reporting medium.
  2. You usually do not follow the guy at the place where “it” happens.
  3. You probably do follow a guy that follows a guy that follows a guy… at the place “it” happens.
  4. The last guy in the chain will cover “it”. Others will read and spread the word.
  5. When Twitterers are not referring to the original source, Twitter is not a news source. It’s just a news channel.
  6. If you are interested in making Twitter a crowd source medium, refer to your sources by linking the exact status or at least the original users.

It won’t hurt. I’m sure.

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5 Responses to “Twitter as a news source”

  1. Williamon Nov 27th 2008 at 4:16 pm

    Twitter can be used as a news service. However because this is done as a second thought it is not well organized as there is no systematic way to enter news so that it can be easily found and separated from the noise.
    Because of this there is no easy and fast way to search for this information.

    We have built have integrated a news posting service into our micro blog “Conversations” This ability to post news to the microblog is also integrated into our feed reader and both services post to twitter.
    We you search on for a news story you will receive results that are from both main stream media as well as from related micro blogs.

  2. Clemens Lercheon Nov 27th 2008 at 6:03 pm

    Mumbai: Internet wieder schneller als TV …

    Etwas verwundert hat mich die Feststellung bei, dass die Berichterstattung über Mumbai ein Paradigmenwechsel sei (auch ein Link zum zitierten techcrunch Artikel wäre fein). Denn das haben wir/ich doch bereits 2003 so gedacht, manch einer so…

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